Firneo Advisors

Get a team of expert advisors on your side to help you create new products and enter new markets


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Firneo Advisors know how to drive innovation and growth - because that’s what they do every day.  

We’ll help you assemble a Firneo Advisory Board and get continuous, on-demand access to a hand-picked team of experienced BD & Partnerships leaders from the Firneo community.

How can Firneo Advisors help?

Go-to-Market Strategy

Expand into new markets or industries with a clear direction for distribution, growth, and product

Strategic Partnership Development

Get hands-on help to negotiate partnerships for distribution, product, and brand deals

Partner Programs and Platforms

Establish a strong foundation for scalable partnership programs from product integrations to channel sales

How It Works

We bring together members of the Firneo community as a custom Advisory Board - that’s designed just for you:

  1. Choose your Advisory Board members: we’ll help you hand-pick a team of Advisors experts who can help you unlock growth opportunities.

  2. Meet on a regular basis: bring your Advisory Board together for in-person or remote meetings, and follow-up individually as needed. You get ongoing, continuous support from your Advisors.

  3. Refresh as needed: we offer simple, flat pricing and make it easy to swap out Advisors as needed so you always get fresh perspectives.

Firneo Advisors are leaders are companies like:

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