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Get a team of expert advisors on your side to help you create new products and enter new markets


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Firneo Advisors know how to drive innovation and growth - because that’s what they do every day.  

We’ll help you assemble a Firneo Advisory Board and get continuous, on-demand access to a hand-picked team of experienced BD & Partnerships leaders from the Firneo community.

How can Firneo Advisors help?

Market Intelligence

Meet experienced professionals from the invite-only Firneo community sdfsdfdsfdsfsdfdsfsdfsd


Platform and Partnership Strategy

Partnership Strategy

PRoduct Development

Product Innovation

Firneo Advisors are influencers within their respective industries who understand the evolving landscape of industries, markets,e tc.


Go to Market

Help you open doors faster

Voice of the Customer

Firneo LEaders are digitally-native, Millenial leaders with insight into how markets, products, technology are shifting. They have influence and perspective.


Industry Insights

Firneo Advisors are in the trenches of evolving industries

How It Works

We bring together members of the Firneo community as a custom Advisory Board - that’s designed just for you:

  1. Choose your Advisory Board members: we’ll help you hand-pick a team of Advisors experts who can help you unlock growth opportunities.

  2. Meet on a regular basis: bring your Advisory Board together for in-person or remote meetings, and follow-up individually as needed. You get ongoing, continuous support from your Advisors.

  3. Refresh as needed: we offer simple, flat pricing and make it easy to swap out Advisors as needed so you always get fresh perspectives.

Firneo Advisors are leaders are companies like:

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