Firneo's Why: Bringing Back Strong Bonds

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Just like you, I have 1000s of "friends", "connections", and "followers" and yet I don't know a single thing about the vast majority of them.  This is why Firneo exists.

I've never met many of my LinkedIn connections.  I'd probably walk by many Facebook connections on the street without realizing it. The world is more connected than ever but the ties that bond us are weaker than ever.

I am privileged to enjoy many close relationships, but not one meaningful relationship that I have exists exclusively online.

Social media's real greatest strength is in enabling people to broadcast widely. But stong bonds don't rely on broadcasts. They rely on short-range communications embued with trust and transparency.

I started Firneo because we've overindexed on the number of connections we have, but have underindexed on the strength of those connections.  Our "why" at Firneo is to bring back strong bonds.

Strong bonds are the meaningful relationships in our lives - the people we go to when we need a soundboard for our ideas, a shoulder for our concerns, a drinking buddy for a beer after work.

We develop strong bonds in the communities where we experience life: where we live, where we go to school. where we work.

So many of our strong bonds are built in our professional lives - we spend over 1/3 of our lives working - but as the nature of work begins to change, the traditional destinations for creating those meaningful relationships become less available.

As schools become increasingly inaccesssible, and no longer teach the modern skills needed to assure a successful future, where do we go to build strong bonds?

As tenures at large employers shrink, and the modern workforce trends towards independent work in the gig economy, where do we go to build strong bonds?

The modern workforce needs a new way to build strong bonds from which to learn, grow, commiserate, have camraderie, feel a sense of belonging, gain clarity on the future of their careers, to compare notes with others in their shoes.

That's why we're building Firneo.

By building communities that support new and emerging career tracks (like BD, Data Science, Product Management, etc.), we're not just creating a destination for learning about a field or for getting dinner with some colleagues.

We're creating a new destination for the modern workforce.  A way to bring back strong bonds.  A way to make connections meaningful and valuable and mutual and real again. 

Scott Pollack