Firneo for Business

Firneo offers a variety of solutions to help your company thrive.

  • Firneo Talent: Find your next hire from a vetted pipeline of BD & partnerships talent

  • Firneo Academy: Career training programs for Business Development professionals

  • Firneo Convos: Curated discussions over dinner with a small group of leaders from the Firneo community

  • Firneo Advisors: expert insights from experts to drive business and professional development goals


Firneo Talent

Find your next hire from a vetted pipeline of BD & partnerships talent

Recruiting great talent is hard when you’re hiring for a job that’s differs at every company.

Firneo Talent can help you find and support candidates from the Firneo Business Development community.

What is Firneo Talent?

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Hiring for Business Development & Partnerships roles is hard: it’s not clear what experiences make for the best hires, or where to go to build a strong pipeline.

There’s no playbook for finding and hiring quality candidates, but we understand the unique role of Business Development because we’ve done the job, hired the teams, and managed the results.

Firneo Talent provides a comprehensive solution to help you build and support your company’s BD & partnerships team.

Firneo Talent helps recruiters to:

Get Introduced to Vetted Talent

Avoid wasting time screening through resumes and get connected to known, vetted members of the Firneo community.

Build a Talent Pipeline

Get to know prospective hires at customized events - from curated dinners to social outings.

Increase Employer Branding

Spread the word about your mission and culture to excitement with the kinds of people you want to hire.

How It Works

Firneo Talent provides a fully managed service that helps you make your most challenging and important hires:

1. Design a talent profile with a Firneo Talent Manager: a dedicated Firneo Talent Manager works with you to understand you organization, your team needs, company culture, and key objectives - all of the things that let us find the best talent for your company.

2. Get candidates on your radar: Each month, your Firneo Talent Manager shares a list of vetted Firneo members that match to your ideal talent profiles.

3. Connect with the best: We'll create opportunities for you and your team to meet and get to know the Firneo members at events like curated dinners to social outings to speaker/panel events.


Firneo Academy

Career training programs for Business Development professionals.

Firneo Academy offers Business Development and Partnerships training programs taught by senior leaders from the Firneo BD community


What is the Firneo Academy?

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Firneo Academy offers training programs that provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills to help you advance your Business Development career. 

Classes consist of small groups of peers and are led by experienced BD & Partnerships professionals who combine real-world experience with a proven curriculum.

During every Academy program, you will:

  • Learn frameworks and tactics to evaluate and pursue BD and Partnership opportunities.

  • Engage with peers and seasoned mentors to get personalized feedback and valuable insights to advance your BD goals.

  • Build a strong network as a member of the Firneo community to keep learning and growing well after the program ends.


What will I learn in the Firneo Academy?

Firneo Academy programs cover a full range of topics, including:

Frameworks for Strategic BD

Key tools and systems to evaluate opportunities that create long-term value while avoiding 'shiny objects'.

Startup/Big Company Partnerships

Creating a winning partnership is a challenge at any stage, but it's especially difficult for startup Davids trying to strike a deal with a Big Company Goliath.

Effective Pitching

How to create and validate strong "value hypotheses" that open doors to start deals.

Getting Inside the Company Mind

Leverage principles of behavioral and organizational psychology to reveal how companies "think", how to successfully navigate organizations, and how to drive deals forward.

Negotiating for the Long-Term

Negotiating for business development is like negotiating with a spouse - you’ll need to live with them after the deal is done.  

Power Dynamics and Relationship Management

Knowing how to manage strong, complex relationships is the only way to make sure the deal delivers after the ink is dry.


How are Firneo Academy programs structured?

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All Firneo Academy programs feature:

  1. Self-paced learning with interactive groups: Work at your own pace with weekly content, and participate in live chats and officer hours with your instructor and fellow students

  2. Small groups: All classes are capped at 15 people to ensure that everyone is connected and engaged.

  3. Guest speakers and mentors: Connect with guest speakers and mentors from the Firneo BD community, which include BD leaders from companies like WeWork, Facebook, Quora, Google, American Express.

  4. Join the community: Firneo BD Academy graduates stay connected with peers across the globe as members of the Firneo BD community.


Who teaches the Firneo Academy?

Programs are led by Scott Pollack, Founder & CEO of Firneo, former VP of Business Development at WeWork, and author of What, Exactly, Is Business Development: A Primer on How Deals Get Done.

Firneo CEO and Academy instructor, Scott Pollack

Firneo CEO and Academy instructor, Scott Pollack

Since 2011, Scott has taught classes and workshops on Business Development and Partnerships at top business schools like Wharton, UC Berkeley, and NYU Stern.  He also sold out every class as a Skillshare Master Teacher and designed the first courses on Business Development at General Assembly.

The Firneo Academy also features guest speakers and mentors from the Firneo BD community, which includes senior BD leaders from companies like Lyft, American Express, Quora, Facebook, and more.


Firneo Advisors

Get insights from experienced BD & Partnerships insights to drive your business and your team

What is Firneo Advisors?

Firneo Advisors are experienced leaders in the Firneo community who can impart their insight and guidance to drive business and professional development goals.

Firneo Advisors can serve all levels of an organization:

  • For junior and mid-level team members, Advisors can provide an additional source of training and mentorship, and an opportunity to “practice” pitches against executives in a risk-free environment.

  • For senior leaders, Advisors can provide a vital sounding board on major business decisions and insight into organizations they’ve worked with in the past.

Firneo Advisor can be available on a scheduled or on-demand basis to best serve the needs of your team.


Firneo Convos

Highly curated, moderated discussions over dinner with small group of leaders from the Firneo community.

As the “Host” of the event that hand-selects the attendee list and discussion topic for the event, you are at the center of a conversation with your most important decision-makers and influencers.