Firneo Core

Peer collaboration programs for rising BD leaders


Accelerate your BD progress in 4 weeks

Firneo Core programs are moderated group discussions about topics that are relevant to BD leaders.  Through weekly discussions with peers and mentors, you'll re-think your BD challenges and accelerate growth for your business -- and your career.

Each Firneo Core program is unique, and focuses on a distinct topic to help you overcome obstacles and get on a faster path to growth.


What is a Firneo Core?

A Firneo Core program provides opportunities to build deep relationships with peers, get practical feedback on how to overcome challenges, and get useful guidance on the BD problems you’re working on right now.


In a Firneo Core program, you'll learn frameworks to think clearly about the Business Development challenges you're facing.  You'll hear valuable insights and best practices from other members of your Core group that you can apply for yourself.  And you'll get tangible feedback to help you refine your strategies so that you can supercharge your growth.

Each Core program lasts for 4-weeks and is designed around a specific topic that's relevant to rising BD leaders.  Weekly discussions take place online and finish with an in-person event.


What do you do in a Firneo Core?

A Firneo Core is a coach-led program that's designed to make sure you walk away with tangible, productive outcomes.  Here's what you'll do as part of a Firneo Core group: 

  1. Weekly moderated discussion: Each week, you’ll participate in a live, 2-hour online roundtable discussion on with your Core group of eight (8) BD professionals who understand your world and are ready to help one another progress.
  2. Homework projects: Between weekly discussions, you’ll complete exercises that focus on helping you think through the real-world challenges that you’re facing in your job right now and connect 1:1 with peers.  Then you’ll get practical feedback from your Core group to help you make progress against your goals.
  3. Guest Mentors: You’ll be joined by guest mentors from the Firneo BD community, which includes BD leaders from companies like WeWork, Facebook, Quora, Google, American Express, and more who can weigh in on your work and add another experienced perspective.
  4. Stay connected: At the end of the program, you’ll meet in-person with your Core group and continue to stay connected as a member of the Firneo BD community.  Core program participants get 3-months of access to the Firneo community (a $300 value) so that you can keep building relationships with other BD pros as you keep building your company.

Who should join a Firneo Core?


Firneo Core programs are designed for experienced Business Development professionals, startup founders, and others who are actively building partnerships & growth opportunities for their companies.

Are the discussions led by a facilitator?

Firneo CEO and Core Coach, Scott Pollack

Firneo CEO and Core Coach, Scott Pollack

Yes.  All Firneo Core programs are led by Scott Pollack, Founder & CEO of Firneo, former VP of Business Development at WeWork, and author of What, Exactly, Is Business Development: A Primer on How Deals Get Done.

How much does it cost?

Each 4-week Firneo Core program is $X and includes a 3-month membership in the Firneo BD community (a $300 value) upon completion of the program.  Current Firneo members get a 15% discount ($X).

When does it start?

The next Firneo Core program starts on June 20th on the topic of Startup/Big Company Partnerships.

I'm interested - how do I join?

Firneo Core groups are highly selective and are limited to 8 participants. 

Please complete this application in order to be considered.  Decisions on applicants will be made by June 13th.


Upcoming Firneo Core Programs:


JUN 2018

Startup/Big Company Partnerships

Starts: June 20th

Application Deadline: June 11th 

Creating a winning partnership is a challenge at any stage, but it's especially difficult for startup Davids trying to strike a deal with a Big Company Goliath.

In this Firneo Core program, we'll explore the pathways to forging successful deals including:

  • The Three Stages of Value
  • Getting Inside the Big Company Mind
  • The Psychology of Building Advocacy
  • Managing Lopsided Negotiations

JUL  2018

Managing Up and Getting Resources

Starts: July 11th

Application Deadline: July 1st

Sometimes the hardest battles are fought at home.  Closing and launching a successful partnership often requires getting buy-in from other teams or executives whose incentives may not always be aligned and motivations not always be clear.  

In this Firneo Core program, we'll discuss how to avoid pitfalls and ensure that your deals get the resources they deserve:

  • Team Dynamics and Evolving Goals
  • Managing Up and Across
  • Earning and Using Capital
  • Owning vs. Renting Resources

AUG 2018

Getting in the Door

Starts: August 1st

Application Deadline: July 21st

    The first step for any deal is to get in the door.  These day's, it's harder than ever get someone's attention, let alone a meeting.  

    In this Firneo Core program, we'll look at a variety of strategies and tactics to cut through the noise and get in front of the right people:

    • Crafting a Killer Value Hypothesis
    • Building and Leveraging Honest Relationships
    • How to Keep in Touch with Everyone
    • Tactics for Breaking Through and Getting In