Firneo Talent

Hire and support your company’s Business Development & Partnerships team

Hiring great talent is hard enough, but it’s especially difficult when you’re hiring for a job that differs across every company and in every industry.

We know BD, and we can help you hire qualified, vetted talent from the Firneo Business Development community.


What is Firneo Talent?

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Hiring for jobs like Business Development & Partnerships roles is hard: it’s not clear what experiences make for the best hires, or where to go to build a strong pipeline.

There’s no playbook for finding and hiring quality candidates, but we understand the unique role of Business Development because we’ve done the job, hired the teams, and managed the results.

Firneo Talent provides a comprehensive solution to help you build your company’s BD & partnerships team.

Firneo Talent offers the following services:

Advisory and Consulting

We can deploy a team from the Firneo community on a temporary basis so that you can get work off your team's plate immediately.

Talent Search

BD roles vary significantly so we partner with you determine exactly the right traits and find you the ideal candidates from the Firneo BD community.

Onboarding & Coaching

Get your new hire the continuing support needed to excel in your company with 1:1 coaching from expert Firneo Leaders and customized training solutions.

Why use Firneo Talent?

Get your team adding value on day 1

Sure, you can spend hours mining LinkedIn, but is that worth the time and the risk of hiring someone who doens’t meet the needs of your role?

With Firneo Talent, you won’t be searching blindly. You work with experienced Business Development leaders from companies like WeWork, Lyft, Quora, SeatGeek, Justworks and more to find the right talent from the Firneo BD community.

We’ve done the job, we’ve hired teams, we’ve managed the results - and we’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

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