Connections, advice, and resources to grow your career and network.

Firneo creates small, supportive peer groups so that you can build meaningful professional relationships. 


Small groups create real connections.

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The value of your professional network isn't measured by how many LinkedIn connections you have.  It's measured by how meaningful each connection is.

Firneo connects people in small peer-to-peer groups, which allow you to really get to know each other and become trusted resources throughout your careers.

We are currently accepting new members for the following Firneo communities:

  • Business Development

  • Data Science

  • Customer Success

  • Product Management


How It Works


1. Apply to join a Firneo community.

We'll use your professional history, your aspirations, and other info to help us connect you to a group of peers within one of our Firneo communities.

2. We'll connect you to a small group of peers.

We'll match you to others based on a variety of factors: experience in the field, industry, location, etc. 

3. Grab dinner with your group. Or happy hour.  Or go bowling.

You'll meet regularly with your group to chat, commiserate, and compare notes.  In between in-person gatherings, stay connected in a Slack channel just for your group.

4. Repeat.

As you meet others, you can create or join other groups.  By joining more additional groups of peers, your professional network will grow organically and on a strong foundation of meaningful relationships.

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