Become a Firneo Host

Enjoy the benefits of being a connector in your community


Nothing builds strong relationships like connecting in person - that's why live, small group events like dinners and social outings are a core part of the Firneo community experience.  

Firneo Hosts organize events that open the door to building strong, meaningful relationships with their fellow members.

Any Firneo member can become a Host, and reap the rewards of being the center of their own professional community.

Who can host an event?

Any current Firneo community member can host an event.

What does hosting entail?

Hosting is as simple as making a restaurant reservation.  Just decide on what kind of event you want to host, and then you can post it on the Firneo community.


Firneo provides the tools to invite people to your event, and to stay connected as a group long after the event ends.

What does it cost?

It’s free!   Plus, each time you host an event we’ll add 2 weeks of Firneo membership for free.   

Can Hosts invite guests that are not Firneo members?

Yes!  And any guest that you invite to your event will get their first month of Firneo membership for free.  Plus, you’ll get 2 additional weeks of Firneo membership for yourself for free.

What are the benefits of being a Host?

There are lots of reasons to host a Firneo event, including:                              


It’s a reason to reach out

Hosting a Firneo event is a great excuse to reach out and invite peers that you’d like to get to know better.              

Stay connected

Your event is just the start of a relationship with your guests - afterwards, you’ll stay connected on the Firneo online community

Set the agenda

Have a topic you want to talk about? Hosting is your chance to create the conversation.

Build your community

Being a Host means surrounding yourself with people you want to know and becoming the center of your community

Give something of value

Invite new members to the Firneo community and they get their 1st month’s Firneo membership free.

Join a global community

You and your guests will be connected to thousands of fellow peers and Hosts across the globe in the Firneo community

I want to be a Firneo Host!  How do I get started?

Let us know more about the event you'd like to host, and a Firneo team member will contact you.

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