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Negotiation Workshop hosted by Lori McNeill

Thursday, June 13th

6PM to 8PM ET

New York, NY

Lori McNeill

Lori McNeill

About this Workshop:

The ability to negotiate effectively is a crucial skill for anyone in business. Yet many of us often struggle with finding the right balance. What are the techniques and approaches to positively influence an outcome?

Join Lori McNeill, Organizational & Individual Excellence Coach, for an interactive training workshop that will teach us how to craft “win-win” solutions.

In this fun, interactive workshop you will learn:

  1. The different approaches to negotiating and what situations call for which approaches

  2. How to recognize negotiators’ styles and learn to adapt your own style to achieve desired results

  3. How to successfully apply the principles of persuasion to any negotiation situation

  4. Specific tactics to use to outline an agreement

The workshop also includes time for participants to practice the learned concepts during breakout sessions.

About the Instructor

Lori McNeill has spent over 20 years optimizing outcomes for organizations through business solutions with companies such as Pfizer, Ogilvy & Mather, Takeda, Better Business Bureau, and many more. In her work as an executive advisor, organizational excellence coach and keynote speaker, she is a partner and strategist, diving deep into organizational needs throughout the company.

“As a strategic thought partner, Lori leverages her extensive industry knowledge and adds new dimensions of thinking, utilizing her practical experience as an executive coach and facilitator. Her ability to build an actionable strategic blueprint is combined with a detailed understanding of the change management associated with building new capabilities.”

Michael Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Intarcia Therapeutics

Lori is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology at Harvard University.

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Negotiation Workshop hosted by Lori McNeill
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