Firneo Talent

Hire your next BD & Partnerships exec from a vetted community

Recruiting great talent is hard when you’re hiring for a job that’s differs at every company.

Firneo Talent can help you find candidates from the Firneo Business Development community.

What is Firneo Talent?

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Hiring for Business Development & Partnerships roles is hard: it’s not clear what experiences make for the best hires, or where to go to build a strong talent pipeline.

There’s no playbook for finding and hiring quality candidates, but we understand the unique role of Business Development because we’ve done the job, hired the teams, and managed the results.

Firneo Talent provides a comprehensive solution to help you build and support your company’s BD & partnerships team.

Firneo Talent helps recruiters to:

Get Introductions to Vetted Talent

Meet experienced professionals from the invite-only Firneo community

Build Relationships with Talent

Get to know potential hires through curated events

Improve Employer Branding

Spread the word about your mission and culture to excitement with the kinds of people you want to hire.

How It Works

Firneo Talent provides a fully managed service that helps you make your most challenging and important hires:

1. Connect with a Firneo Talent Manager: a dedicated Firneo Talent Manager works with you to understand you organization, your team needs, company culture, and key objectives - all of the things that let us find the best talent for your company.

2. Get candidates on your radar: Each month, your Firneo Talent Manager shares a list of vetted Firneo members that match to your ideal talent profiles.

3. Connect with the best: We'll create opportunities for you and your team to meet and get to know the Firneo members at events like curated dinners to social outings to speaker/panel events.

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