Why Join a Firneo Community?


Ever go to a meetup or conference, work up the courage to talk to someone new, get “connected” on LinkedIn and then...you never talk to that person again?  Yeah, us too.


Being a member of a Firneo community means building meaningful relationships with people who will be a critical part of your career journey.  

We don’t just host happy hours or speaker panels - we provide opportunities to really get to know people who will become a core part of your professional network.  

Enjoy a small dinner with a handful of peers, go hiking with others in your industry, or go bowling with other members of the Firneo community.


Meet peers in small groups

Firneo events are for made small groups so you can get to know other members in a comfortable, intimate setting.  


Close the loop to stay connected

After meeting people at an event, you’ll be automatically connected to them in the Firneo online community.  Continue your conversation online, share insights and articles, and then make plans to connect again at an upcoming Firneo event.


Build authentic connections

Don’t just “network” with people - develop real connections with people who share similar interests.  Go bowling with your peers. Have dinner at a new restaurant. Take an exercise class. All with people who understand the work you do.