Partner-Led Growth Bootcamp

Compress 10 years of on-the-job learning into weeks with on-demand training and coaching.

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Now what?

Partnerships is not a traditional role like Accounting or Marketing. You can’t learn from the usual sources, like school or textbooks. Chances are you can’t even get help from your co-workers or boss! Which is why we created the Partner-Led Growth Bootcamp…

Hi, I’m Scott.

I’ve been in the partnerships game for over 20 years – I’ve been in your shoes: fighting for resources from internal stakeholders, defending the value that partnerships brings to the company.

It took me years of ‘figuring things out as I go along’, but I finally got it – and have built partnerships that generated BILLIONS of dollars of revenue for companies like WeWork and American Express.  

Over the years, I developed and honed a playbook for being a 10X partner manager – one that got me into a VP role at one of the fastest-growing startups of all time.

Now, I’m giving back.

I’ve taught what I know to over 10,000 students and I’m extending the invite to you.

Scott Pollack
Co-founder & CEO

Join the Partner-Led Growth Bootcamp

Get the frameworks, tactics, templates, and 1:1 coaching from world-class partner leaders who’ve built the biggest partner ecosystem. Our program is designed to give you the convenience of a flexible, on-demand online course with the effectiveness of one-on-one coaching. Enroll now to get instant access to:


Partner Manager Playbook Course

Get the blueprint for building a high-performance partnerships engine. 

Go deep on 50+ topics that cover every aspect of the partnering process, from getting internal buy-in to scaling partner ecosystems.


One-on-One Coaching

Get paired with an experienced Partnerships Coach who will help you to diagnose & troubleshoot issues that are holding back your partner program’s success. Have a consistent resource in your corner to help you break through challenges that are choking your partner program.

Hear the stories & lessons of partnership leaders from:

Real-World Case Studies

Step into the shoes of the partnership experts as they recount tales of partnerships. Work through the nuances of navigating complex scenarios firsthand and sharpen your decision-making skills by asking yourself, 'How would I handle that?'

peer community

Build a network of peers that lasts your career

Engage in a growing community of peers and experts to build strong relationships, share knowledge, and give & get support at every step.


Tools & Templates

Move faster on every deal by leveraging templates, swipe files, and tools designed & used by seasoned partnerships professionals. Optimize daily processes and streamline your workflows with curated guides. 

By the end of the program you will know how to…

Have a clear process for building scalable partnership programs.

Build and prioritize a pipeline of the highest-performing deals.

Overcome roadblocks & conflicts that can sink your partnerships.

​Align with internal stakeholders to gain buy-in and secure resources.

​Demonstrate the value of partnerships (and your role) to your execs.

​Build an incredible network of peers that opens doors.

Influence company-wide strategy and maintain a seat at the table.

​Deliver continuous results to make decisions and have a greater impact.

Recognition & creditability

Beef up your resume - and your reputation

After completing the program, you’ll earn a certificate & badge that shows off your newfound knowledge & skills to the world.

get started

Get started today so you can get promoted tomorrow.

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Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for:

1. Current partnerships professionals who want to accelerate their on-the-job learning, operate with more confidence, and create more impact in their companies.

2. Experienced professionals from adjacent fields (such as sales, consulting, lawyer, customer success, product management) who are looking to transition into partnerships and want to build a strong foundation in the role.

Do I need to attend classes live?

The course materials are pre-recorded and will be released each week on Saturday so that you'll be able to review it on your own schedule (plus, you'll get lifetime access so that you can always refresh yourself.

In addition, throughout each week there'll be opportunities to engage in live cohort discussions, peer

What is the time commitment?

This program is designed for busy working professionals. You should expect to spend 3 to 5 hours per week in total, between reviewing course materials, applying your knowledge to assignments, and participating in group discussions & events.

It's an intense program, but consider it as an 8-week investment that compounds over the next several decades of your career.

Is this in-person or virtual?

The entire program is virtual. You can review the materials, engage with the community, use the templates and tools, and participate in the cohort experiences from anywhere in the world.

Will my company pay for it?

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