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Firneo makes you better at partnerships

How does Chief Partnerships Officer sound? 
Master the art and science of building smart, valuable partnerships and watch your career take off.


Building impactful partnerships isn’t rocket science - it’s harder

You didn’t study partnerships in college. No one handed you a playbook when you took this job.Being a partnerships leader in tech can be confusing: What should my tech partnerships strategy be? How do I get buy-in from my leadership?

What will it take to get my channel partners more engaged? WTF is an “ecosystem”, anyway? Here’s a truth: building partnerships that deliver measurable results and drive long-term success requires a versatile and nuanced set of skills, ranging from understanding complex human behavior to advanced negotiation skills to building financial models. 

The good news? Those skills are learnable. 

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What we offer:


Exclusive resources

Designed by global partnerships leaders, from tactical frameworks to step-by-step playbooks to live discussions

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Our 8-Week Certified Partnerships Professional Course will teach you the playbook to killing it in your partnerships career

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Collaborate with peers

Access to a global network of like-minded partnerships peers, mentors, and leaders

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Free resources

Weekly blog posts that offer actionable partnerships advice, support, and analysis


Weekly Insights

Fresh nuggets of partnership knowledge, right in your inbox



Join interactive practice sessions where you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience

We get it: Partnerships are hard.
You’re not alone.

With Firneo, you’ll get the guidance and support you need from peers, mentors, and partnerships leaders who understand the work you do. Bolster your expertise, practice your skills, and gain confidence with:

Tactical insights to build better partnerships:

Tap into the minds of the best partnerships leaders in the world.

Resources that make your job easier:

Expert-led workshops, group discussions, playbooks and templates, and a database of helpful info curated by partnerships specialists. 

Connections to partnerships peers:

Join cohort-based programs to form deep relationships with fellow up-and-coming partnership experts.

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I miraculously fell into a Partnerships/BD role, and as I was navigating my career path, being a part of the Firneo community proved to be invaluable to me. Through Firneo, I’ve been able to get access to resources, events, and incredible people that have been instrumental to the success I’ve found on the Partnerships team at my company.”

— Jillian Trubee
Business woman
Firneo helped Jillian do a big partnership deal.
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I've really enjoyed connecting with like-minded peers through Firneo. The collective knowledge, experience, and openness of the community is an incredible resource to leverage and contribute to.

— Alex Reynolds
VP & GM, Platform Solutions
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Firneo helped Jillian do a big partnership deal.
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Firneo has played a key role in my career journey, and is the place I go to find the best community of BD and Partnerships people that exist anywhere today.

— Greg Hochenbroch
Head of BD & Partnerships
Business man
Firneo helped Jillian do a big partnership deal.
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